Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BetterPet, Inc. launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign for DogLand, a Mobile Platorm that's a Social Networking Tool for Dog Lovers

Here's a great story for dog lovers!
BetterPet Inc. has announced that it is launching an equity crowdfunding initiative as the next phase in its fundraising strategy through popular equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine. Better Pet’s flagship product, DogLand, is a fast growing social app for dog lovers built around engaging, entertaining and useful content where users capture and share their favorite pet moments, and have access to a massive database of dog friendly resources. 
 The app, currently available on iOS with over sixty‐five thousand users, is a social networking tool for dog parents to discover dog-­friendly locations, ask and answer questions about pet care, and share dog-­centric photos.

“With DogLand, we set out to create an app that connects dog lovers with their community by showing dog-­‐friendly places and dog-­‐friendly people. We see ourselves as a fun navigation tool, with information driven by our community,” said President & Creative Director Gareth Wilson.

In an unprecedented development in March, the Securities and Exchange Commission finally moved on rulings under Title IV of the 2012 JumpStart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act, paving the way for private companies to raise up to $50 million from unaccredited investors. This new ruling is known as “Regulation A+” and makes the equity crowdfunding campaigns on StartEngine possible.

“DogLand is the perfect example of a startup company with huge potential using equity crowdfunding as a way to reach new people while growing capital,” said Ron Miller, CEO of StartEngine. “The app embodies the heart of StartEngine and, like the platform, works to connect like-­minded individuals together to share their passion."

This opportunity for all potential investors to express interest in owning part of DogLand is excitng to the Better Pet’s team, especially because they believe the platorm can transform the $97B pet industry.

Individuals interested in learning more about the DogLand investment opportunity can go to

“DogLand is not just for dogs — it's for the people who love them, too. And we want the user to share in our success,” said DogLand CEO Jonathan Kolker. “That's why we decided to crowdfund our financing: to be the first major social network primarily funded by the people who use and love it.”

Think about it, humans who love canines!