Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Blue Collar Partners with PetHub on High Tech ID Tags

Tags help lost dogs get home faster—rescue dogs will ‘never be lost again’

CINCINNATI, OH—Project Blue Collar, a company devoted to improving the perception of shelter dogs and encourage adoption as the first option, has partnered with PetHub to launch a Project Blue Collar themed high tech dog identification tag.
PetHub dog tags provide three easy ways for your lost pet to get home faster. Each tag has a unique QR code and web address that link to your puppy pal’s free personal profile—providing crucial information about your pet, including your contact information, relevant medical information and the activation of optional $3,000 of emergency medical pet insurance coverage, if applicable. For the less tech-savvy, there is also a phone number for the 24-hour “Pet Found Hotline.”
“So many dogs end up at the shelter because they have been abandoned, surrendered or lost,” said Carole Feeny, president and co-founder of Project Blue Collar. “Once they are adopted and tagged with a PetHub/Project Blue Collar ID they’ll never be lost again.”

The Project Blue Collar branded tags retail for $16.75, with the option of a reasonably priced subscription with additional features—including email notification when your pet’s profile is accessed and GPS tracking of the location where your pet’s tag is scanned. The tags are available for purchase online at www.projectbluecollar.com.

“We are strong proponents of adoption—and proud to be a part of the Project Blue Collar movement,” said Lorien Clemens, PetHub’s Director of Marketing. “There are misconceptions associated with rescue dogs, and we can all play a part in dispelling these myths.”
Project Blue Collar’s mission is to elevate the status of rescue dogs—so they are recognized as wonderful pets and companions. Millions of dogs are put down in shelters each year due to low adoption rates and the high volume of breeders and puppy mills exploiting dogs for profit.
The company’s signature Support the Underdog® Blue Collars, which are similar to cause-related silicone wristbands, adorn a pooch’s neck to identify them as a rescue. The collars provide an opportunity for dogs and owners to show their rescue pride and share their positive adoption story. Project Blue Collar also offers an opportunity to raise money for the animal rescue community through their Shelter of the Month program

“The collars serve as a conversation starter to help build the movement,” said Kristin Waters, vice president and co-founder of Project Blue Collar. “Telling the story of your adopted dog inspires others to help, and encourages them to adopt, not shop, when adding a pet to the family.”
The collars, which are made in the USA, retail for $10—and are available for purchase online at www.projectbluecollar.com. Dog toys, apparel and car magnets— all aimed at raising awareness of rescue dog pride—are also available for purchase.
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About Project Blue CollarProject Blue Collar – Support the Underdog™ is a movement to celebrate rescue dogs and unite the communities and people who believe in their potential.  The company’s signature Blue Collars encourage adoption as the first option and offer an Opportunity for the animal rescue community to raise money through their Buy One Give one program. With each collar purchased, the movement grows and the more lives are saved. Since launching in October 2012, over 2,100 dogs have been Blue Collared in 40 states and 4 countries. Get your rescue dog (or someone else's) Blue Collared at projectbluecollar.com

About PetHub
PetHub helps lost pets get home faster by providing the most comprehensive and affordable lost pet recovery system on the market today. In 2012, 97% of PetHub recovered pets were home in less than 24 hours, 25% reunited with their families in under an hour. PetHub ID tags provide multiple ways to help lost pets get home, including QR codes linking to a free online pet profile and a 24/7 Found Pet Hotline. 
Success stories can be found at www.PetHubFound.me. Awards include Dog Fancy Magazine's "Editors' Choice," Pet Business Magazine's "Industry Award," Pet Age Magazine's "Retailer Silver Select Award," and "2013 Most Innovative Product of the Year." Visit www.PetHub.tv to view some of its fan videos, including "Ullr’s Adventure."