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The cat in the video below might be one of the trapped LI cats

News story on the Cats relocated to Lido Beach

Island Park resident traps felines

The Nassau County Police Department is investigating reports that Island Park resident Lee Natale has been trapping neighborhood cats and relocating them to the Sands catering hall parking lot in Lido Beach.

"We're just beside ourselves here," said Natale's neighbor, Nancy Sarro, who noticed that her cat, Zeppelin, had been missing for more than a day on Nov. 9. Sarro said that Zeppelin, a 4-year-old gray male, often spent time outside, but to her knowledge never wandered farther than her property.

Sarro explained that her daughter saw a man, whom Natale identified only as a friend, loading a cat in a carrying case into his car. When the family confronted the man, he admitted to bringing 10 cats to the Sands parking lot, adjacent to the Lido Towne House condominiums on Lido Boulevard in Lido Beach.

"We've been going there day and night trying to catch back all these animals," Sarro said of the various volunteers who took part in the hunt. Read more here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

URGENT Greyhound Adoption Need

Dairyland Greyhound Racetrack in Kenosha, Wisconsin will be closing on December 31, 2009. 900 Greyhounds need to be adopted or they will be euthanized. Please help me get the word out; we only have 6 weeks to get this task done. Contact Joanne Kehoe Operations Director P: 312.559.0887 Or Dairyland Race Track Adoption Center direct at (262) 612-8256

Another Long Island Cat Found and Rescued!

"FOUND!! Another Island Park kitty eas caught & returned to his mom Fran in Island Park. He was rescued at the Sands Catering Hall Parking lot in Lido Beach. This area stretches 1 1/2 miles." - Victoria Winn

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A note to us from Victoria, who is still working to rescue the cats on Long Island

"I would not have been able to get the ad out if it were not for you Faye and other organizations who gave me advice. As of today, I spoke with Ariella Monti a news reporter from The Long Island Herald Newspapers and she will be publishing the story this Thursday (it will be available online) and I spoke with Joe Panz from Rescue Ink as PetPeeves forwarded him the ad and he was very very nice. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. Thank God for all of these organizations, I pray these animals find their families and this does not happen again. God Bless all of you! - Victoria Winn"

Mr. Roo

The latest pet portrait by animal artist Peggy Dey of Dey by Dey Studio

Saturday, November 14, 2009

From the Three Wishes Foundation

A newly adopted cat has run away. Please also send prayers for his safe return. He is lost in College Station, Texas.

CAT: Siamese mix, young adult male, 11/7 vicinity CS H.E.B./Park Place & Holleman, ‘country boy lost in the city’, email ittybittylostkitty@

Please also cross post on your web page.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cat rescued from Sands Catering parking lot on Lido Blvd in Lido Beach, Long Island

If you know whose cat this is, please contact Victoria Winn at

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Long Islanders Seeking Help for Missing Cats

Our Place to Paws received this message from Victoria Winn of Long Island:

"I am a local Long Islander that rescues Horses and cats. We learned of a situation where a couple living in Island Park have been luring neighborhood with canned food and a ‘double sided trap. They then transport the cats to the Sands Catering parking lot on Lido Blvd in Lido Beach. They have taken pets of their neighbors and overall they have stolen & dumped 30+ cats. These are domestic cats. We have set 2 traps (as that is all I have) and we caught one this morning and she was returned to her family in Island Park. A dozen families are missing their animals and we need advice how to this as well as volunteers, and perhaps borrow traps. We don’t know what to do if we catch cats and do not know who they belong to. Please advise how we can organize or what help is out there for these animals."

If you know of a way to help, please contact OurPlacetoPaws (at) (Replace the (at) with the "at "sign on your keyboard.) I will put you in touch with Victoria. Thank you!

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From Paw Nation: Saga of Animal Control Officer Who Gave Away Lost Dog Ends Happily for Pet Owner

What an unbelievable story -- I'm so glad this pet owner kept looking for her pet!!

-- An animal control officer in Stoughton, Mass. found a woman's lost dog -- only to give it away as a gift.

As reported by the Brockton Enterprise, an animal control officer,Kristin Bousquet, was fired after an internal investigation and hearing revealed that she had found a lost dog belonging to Janet Torren, and inexplicably gave it away to a police officer and his girlfriend to keep as a pet, all the while telling Torren that she had not found the dog, a four year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Shai, who went missing on September 18. Read more at Paw Nation.

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