Saturday, November 21, 2009

News story on the Cats relocated to Lido Beach

Island Park resident traps felines

The Nassau County Police Department is investigating reports that Island Park resident Lee Natale has been trapping neighborhood cats and relocating them to the Sands catering hall parking lot in Lido Beach.

"We're just beside ourselves here," said Natale's neighbor, Nancy Sarro, who noticed that her cat, Zeppelin, had been missing for more than a day on Nov. 9. Sarro said that Zeppelin, a 4-year-old gray male, often spent time outside, but to her knowledge never wandered farther than her property.

Sarro explained that her daughter saw a man, whom Natale identified only as a friend, loading a cat in a carrying case into his car. When the family confronted the man, he admitted to bringing 10 cats to the Sands parking lot, adjacent to the Lido Towne House condominiums on Lido Boulevard in Lido Beach.

"We've been going there day and night trying to catch back all these animals," Sarro said of the various volunteers who took part in the hunt. Read more here.

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