Saturday, November 7, 2009

From Paw Nation: Saga of Animal Control Officer Who Gave Away Lost Dog Ends Happily for Pet Owner

What an unbelievable story -- I'm so glad this pet owner kept looking for her pet!!

-- An animal control officer in Stoughton, Mass. found a woman's lost dog -- only to give it away as a gift.

As reported by the Brockton Enterprise, an animal control officer,Kristin Bousquet, was fired after an internal investigation and hearing revealed that she had found a lost dog belonging to Janet Torren, and inexplicably gave it away to a police officer and his girlfriend to keep as a pet, all the while telling Torren that she had not found the dog, a four year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Shai, who went missing on September 18. Read more at Paw Nation.

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well.. it's like I knew!