Monday, May 14, 2007

Cats and the sun patch

Isn't it amazing how cats always find the one sunny spot in the room? One of my cats, Tribbs, is a master at it.

We're currently attempting to integrate two additional cats into our already three-cat household. We're fostering two Scottish folds for someone who will be in the hospital for a while. The house is divided into an upstairs/downstairs scenario, and we've had plenty of puffed-up tails as the various camps stare at each other through an open space to the side of the door.

Does anyone out there have good tips on how to integrate cats into a household? We're following some of the basics: separating them in such a way that they can see each other and smell each other -- but not get at each other -- for at least two weeks, and then integrating them slowly, trying to be sure to avoid any outright fights. So far we've been lucky -- just some puffed-up fur and a hiss or two.

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