Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The following letter arrived in our in-box today. We don't have any further information on this, but are posting the reader's letter in case anyone else knows about this and can tell us more, or needs to know:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in alarm and concern about the Sergeant's Pet Care products for cats that are being sold on the market. I recently used a brand new bottle of Sergeant's® Skip-Flea® & Tick Shampoo for Cats. Within about 11 hours of using it, my cat was having seizures, and then went into some sort of coma. Her pupils were so big that her eyes were completely black. I took her to the vet hospital where I learned that the shampoo contained this chemical called Permethrin. This is a known PESTICIDE that is lethal and toxic to cats. This isn't the first case the hospital has had of cats coming in affected by this. Nine hours after getting her to the hospital she died.

My cat was perfectly healthy until this moment and was my little guardian angel. I have contacted the company and they are not quite willing to cooperate. I am looking for help in bringing awareness to other pet owners about these harmful products. I've done a lot of research and I found out that these following products are also hurting and killing pets. I have emailed several people whose pets have died and become injured. I have several pages of documents (as well as idocument about the chemical), with report of symptoms and reactions similar to what my cat went through and even worse. To read each story of what each animal went through is heartbreaking:Bio Spot, Advantage, Frontline, Sergeant’s Nature’s Guardian flea and tick products.

There an amazing amount of people that need help and don't know to go about reporting it and taking action.I've contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Pesticide Regulation, PETA and other animal rights groups in search of help. I am trying to contact the FDA, but that is becoming more difficult. So far and have not gotten very far with getting help. I am looking for a way to bring this to government and community attention. I am also looking for any legal complaint sector that is open so that I may put my report into as well as anyone who could help me and lead me in the right direction.

Something should be done about toxic products being sold and harming animals. The numbers are too high and if this was happening to humans, something would have already been done about this. This is cruel and unjust to the animals. If there is anyway that you could help and possible bring attention to people, that those affected should contact the companies, write to every level of governmental regulation, and possibly a lawyer. Some of the companies are trying to pay us off (including myself) but in doing that we are giving up our rights to press charges or testify and they then can be allowed to continue selling these products. I feel that is wrong and I would great appreciate it if you could help. The pain that this company has caused others and myself is almost unbearable.

Sara Paredes

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