Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our customized egg art arrived

A while back, I posted a notice for Dey by Dey Studio in North Carolina. Peggy Dey is a lifelong animal activist with a house full of rescued dogs and cats, and she is also a very special artist who does pet portraits and other work.

I ordered a number of etched eggs for holiday gifts, and several of them arrived in the mail yesterday. Peggy had done something for me on these particular ones that isn't featured in her catalog; she actually etched the faces of a friend's cats and dogs onto small eggs. They came with their own decorative stand, or they could be used as holiday tree ornaments.

It's difficult to tell from Peggy's catalog (and I'm not sure the eggs are even up on her Web site) just how great they look when you have them in front of you. She even sent me a picture of the work (which you see above) before she shipped it, and the picture doesn't come close. The eggs are SO cute, and I can't wait to give them to the recipient for the holidays. I can't believe she was able to etch those little faces onto those eggs and ship them here safely!

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