Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poor Fiona

One of our cats, Fiona, has been dealing with constant eye problems. Fiona is a Scottish Fold, and I'm more convinced than ever that pure-bred animals often have more health problems than mix-breeds. I have always adopted animals from shelters, but Fiona came to us via a relative who is ill. Don't get me wrong; she's a sweetie and we love her. I just feel so badly that she has to deal with these problems.

First she was diagnosed with a herpes eye infection, which she came with as a kitten. Then she started getting repeated eye infections. Now she has a tear in her cornea because of the infections. The poor little girl has to have three different types of eye drops put in her eyes several times a day. She's such a good girl, too...she doesn't deserve such torture!

The next step is an appt. with a kitty opthamologist, but we're hoping these eye drops will clear up the problem. Isn't it hard to watch your pets suffer? I can hardly stand it!

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