Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Faye,

Thanks to your quick action, Congress Tuesday night passed the Great Cats and Rare Canids Conservation Act. You played a key role by contacting your representative, and I can't thank you enough. Despite an attempt by some members of the minority to rally opposition to the bill at the last minute, the NGO community was able to get the crucial support needed to get it passed.

This bill supports conservation efforts for fifteen species, including the cheetah, snow leopard, jaguar, African wild dogs, maned wolf, and several other important carnivores. IFAW will continue to advocate for the Senate version of this bill, which may go to vote in the next couple of months, at which time we may need your help again. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that the bill will become a law this year. I hope you are proud of what we were able to accomplish together to protect these magnificent and important species. You truly made a difference for animals.

Thanks again,

Fred O'Regan
IFAW President

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