Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lot has been going on for Paws

Hello friends,

A lot has been going on for Our Place to Paws, most of it on Facebook. We started advertising our little Facebook group, and it grew to 152 members. We decided then to move to a Facebook page, and we just launched that this week. With a Facebook page, we can post photos and our "friends" can comment on the photos, write on our wall, and see each others' comments. It's just a little more fun and interactive. So if you're a member of the group, please migrate over to the new page and "friend" us! It's a little confusing -- when you search for Our Place to Paws, look for the one with the gray tabby Scottish fold as the profile picture. That's Duncan.

This Fold, however, is Fiona...and she's enjoying her new basket.

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