Monday, October 19, 2009

Be a part of Meriweather's Miracle!

Marisa, an Our Place to Paws Reader, is trying to find a home for a very special dog. Read Marisa's story below:

Every October for the past 4 years I have volunteered at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN. On Friday, 10/16, I was in Hohenwald and decided to visit the grave site of Meriweather Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame). Its on the Natchez Trace, very secluded, heavily wooded. A dog rushed out to meet us, clearly in
bad shape, drenched and shivering.....I never did get to pay my respects to Mr. Lewis...

So, the vet in Hohenwald saw him amd gave us the choice of keeping him, putting him down, or having the pound put him down. Rural TN has a 27% unemployment rate, there are few shelters and those that exist are overflowing far worse than ours. Its common for unwanted dogs to be shot- considered a kindness.

So, the newly dubbed Meriweather was neutered, microchipped, given a rabies vaccine, etc., and booked on the flight home to Boston.

He is between 2-3 yrs old, very healthy (we had blood work done), weighs 39.5 lbs, but should be 45 or so lbs per the vet. He is curious about cats, but I am not comfortable stating he's cat-proofed. He loves adult men and women, but is very drawn to children around age 10-12. We think his original family must have
had children in that age group. He is a very active guy and will need a home where he gets lots of love. He loves being petted and gives licks freely. I'll pass along a photo tomorrow.

Thanks for any help, Marisa


Everyone who helps get Meriweather a home is a sweet soul!

Update: he slept well in his new temporary home, high pitch bark means bathroom, and he did go outside. He is strongly attracted to outdoor life- will bolt after anything, including a, a fenced in yard or leash at all times. He did lead me into the middle of the street last night while having his 1st MA walk- didn't even look.

I should tell you he is a chow/collie mix as best as anyone can tell. Light red hair mixed with black, whoite front paws, partially blind left eye from a previous wound. The wound has healed completely and is without infection, but it does look like he has a cataract there. One ear is pointy upward, and the other
droops down. He really is a sight.

We need to get his story out there. Thanks for being part of Meriweather's miracle!

BTW, when I say sit or heel boy, or day walk and point, he does what I ask. I'm sure he's somewhat confused over the name Meriweather. (I didn't name him...) He clearly knows a few commands.

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Roxan Britton said...

Our hearts and hugs go out to Marisa and Meriweather. We had the pleasure of meeting Meriweather in Tennessee, he is a sweet and loveable dog that will make his new owner very happy!
Kudos Marisa, you are our hero!
Roxan and Anastasia
Linden, Tennessee