Monday, September 6, 2010

The Future of Our Place to Paws

I've been spending some time contemplating the future of "Our Place to Paws." As regular readers know, this happens now and then.  Our little website was launched about four years ago, and in that time we have posted a lot of information about pets and wildlife, have created a Facebook Group that now has more than 330 members, have added many new "animal columnists" and have enjoyed photo submissions from friends and fans.

The truth is, though, we still don't have a major amount of visitors or blog readers on a monthly basis, because Our Place to Paws is a part-time labor of love, not a full-time business with staff.  It does cost money to keep the site running, so every few months the question comes back -- should we keep going?  Is there enough interest?

I have always believed that if even just one person is inspired to love an animal, volunteer at a shelter, or join a cause in the name of animal welfare because of our site, then all of the work and investment has been worth it.  Seeing the occasional posts and comments on Facebook shows me that there are people out there who enjoy the site.  And we have a few die-hard fans who love it and participate on a regular basis.

Every time, so far, I've considered taking the site down, I've decided against it.  I'm making the same decision this time -- keeping Our Place to Paws going for those of you out there who enjoy it.  But please tell your friends about the site, leave comments on the blog, join the Facebook Group...and if you know of advertisers who might be interested in supporting us, send them our way! 


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