Friday, March 11, 2011

Snowflake heads to her new home

Snowflake, the cat we rescued from the cold, icy New England winter this year (she was living under our deck) heads to her new home today. A couple has decided to adopt her. We can't call it a "forever home" until they take the necessary time to allow her to adapt to their home and be introduced to their own cat, Bogie. If all goes well over the next few weeks and Snowflake settles in and gets along with Bogie, she will have a wonderful new home.

It's very sad to see her go, though. After having a cat in your home for a month (and seeing her outdoors for months before that), you of course feel as if the cat is part of your family. In our case, we have four other cats and they just weren't prepared to fully accept a fifth. We know it's best for Snowflake, our cats, and us if Snowflake finds a home with more space, fewer cats, and more attention that can be devoted to her. But it doesn't make it easy to see her go.

Hats off to all of the great volunteers out there who foster cats, dogs, and other animals for animal rescue organizations, giving them temporary, loving, and comfortable homes while they wait for forever homes. I've learned how difficult the job can be when you have to let them go! But you do it knowing that you prevented suffering and saved a life; and what could be better than that?

We wish you a happy life full of love, Snowflake!

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