Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kinship Circle Helps Animal Disaster Victims

I Am Alive! Save Me.

She was found on a bridge over floodwaters, her pelvis dislocated from water-swept debris. She was emaciated, listless! , in pain orgotten in disasters - stranded, hurt, starving, scared. Through her eyes, I am reminded why Kinship Circle helps animal disaster victims. Each one is a story filled with intimate detail and great capacity to love...if given the chance to live.

This video takes you to disaster rescues in Thailand Floods, Japan Quake-Tsunami-Radiation, Brazil Floods-Mudslides, Chile Quake-Tsunami... It shares brief notes about skills and training needed to rescue animal survivors. Please watch, share and support Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team in its mission to help animals left behind. 

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