Thursday, September 13, 2007

He had the shot and is doing well

I received my daily call from Angell today, and spoke with the veterinary assistant. She said that Hamilton is doing very well. He is exhibiting no side effects of the shot. Sometimes cats appear to get a sore throat after they get the shot, and look as if they are gulping their food a little bit for a couple of days. But Hamilton has shown no signs of that.

She said that he's friendly and active when the nurses come in to take care of him, and that when he sees them he is very "vocal." We know what that means! Hamilton has the loudest, strangest meow. Once when we had him in a carrier, someone thought we had a Siamese in there. Another person suggested he might be part Tonkinese. In any case, he rrrreeeeooowwwwrrrs! pretty loudly for what I fondly call "nine pounds of gray fur."

I was so relieved to hear he's doing alright! I'll get another update tomorrow and then we'll hear more on Monday. I can't wait until we can have him home again. I just hope the other cats will remember him!

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Karin said...

Aw, I'm so glad he's doing well.