Sunday, September 16, 2007

We continue to get good reports

Hamilton continues to do well at Angell. On Friday the vet's assistant called to say he was eating well, showing no signs of side effects and was "sooooo sweet." When I called today to ask the main desk to read the computer update (since it's the weekend) she said that all was well and that someone had put in a note: "Sweet boy!!!"

Our cat is indeed a sweet one.

Hamilton would actually be ready to come home now if we were able to follow numerous restrictions. His litter would have to be flushed, because it would still be radioactive, and we would have to limit our contact with him. In addition, the litterbox and any liners we used during this time would have to be put away in a container for three months before we'd be able to dispose of them safely through the normal town garbage. Finally, he'd have to stay out of the kitchen and off the beds.

Because we have four other cats currently in the house, and it would be very hard to limit either their or our contact with Hamilton (or to figure out who used what litterbox)or to keep him out of the kitchen or bedrooms, his favorite spots, we've opted to keep Hamilton at Angell until he can come home with no restrictions. We'll also feel a little more comfortable about not having radioactive material around the house or shed. That means an extra period of up to two weeks in the hospital for Hamilton, which is very, very hard for us to do to him. But it seems the safest option for everyone involved, and they've assured us he is doing very well there, is being well cared for and is in a spacious enclosure with a box to sleep and hide in when he wants to.

I know one "person" who won't be sorry Hamilton isn't home yet -- Duncan, one of J.'s mother's Scottish Folds, whom we've been caring for in our house until his mom can take them back. J. sometimes calls Duncan "Jaba the Hutt," and you'll see why in this picture! He's a sweet one, too, though!

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