Monday, February 25, 2008

There is a beautiful husky that is often seen in our neighborhood, off-leash and running around unattended. Last time he came near my house, I got a phone number off of his collar, called the owners and ended up walking him back to his home, two blocks away.

They apologized, and said that their dog is "always escaping."

I've spoken to other neighbors who say they see the dog running loose all the time. The minor issue is that he "poos" in neighbors' yards, including ours. But the much more major issue is the dog's safety; I am so worried he will be hit by a car, get lost, or end up being rounded up by animal control.

Today when I saw him outside, I brought him into my house and called again. A gentleman came to retrieve him, but unfortunately he did not speak English, so I couldn't communicate with him. Instead I left a message on their home machine explaining the seriousness of the problem and asking that they please find a way to keep their beautiful dog at home.

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