Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I just received this letter forward to me from the Boston area. Is anyone looking for a new kitten? If so, email us, and I'll send you the email address of this person.

"Couple months ago, a little black cat began visiting us looking for love, food and attention. These visits continued for over two months. Most were late at night when the temperatures were in the mid teens or even below. He looked cold, seeking for a warm place, but unfortunately I couldn’t let him in because Tico (my other cat) was going crazy. I gave him some food and hoped he had good owners.

Two weeks ago, the kitty visited us again on a Sunday late afternoon, but this time something was wrong. He looked in pain and seeking for help. I discovered a big infected cut in one of his front legs. I took him to Angel Memorial Hospital where I had to give him up to the Shelter.

The cat is still there, in a cage and miserable. He is in quarantine because we do not know the source of the cut and we don’t know when he has his last rabies shot. My guess is that the cat is fine, but per Massachusetts law he must be in quarantine to make sure he is not contaminated with rabies. I have been in contact with the Shelter, and they keep telling me how sad he is.

I am desperately seeking someone who would at least foster him until he is eligible for adoption. If I don’t find a foster home, I am afraid he would be destroyed (I am not kidding about this). If you cannot take him, please help me to find a good foster home.

A little more information about the cat I believe he is about over a year old and was either abandoned or his owners do not take a good care of him. You just don’t leave a cat out every night when the temperatures are below 15 degrees. Every time the cat would show up he looked cold and lonely. He is very friendly and cute, and I can guarantee he would be a good companion. Please be his foster parent. HE NEEDS YOU!!! The best place is a home with no other pets so he can get better without distressing.

Please help me to give this cat a chance."

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