Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our new content is now up

Hello again,

If you're in New England, I hope you're enjoying this brief warm-up in the weather. What a relief after so many cold days and nights. But I have a feeling winter isn't over yet...

What is over, or at least now online, is our new March content! Visit www.ourplacetopaws.com and click through our pages to see a new product review, columnist, feature story, kid's corner project, Reader Photo Winner and Cats vs. Dogs essay winner. There's plenty to check out on the site, and we hope you'll continue to read our content, write in your own and encourage your friends and family to sign up for the monthly e-newsletter.

Our friend Lilla, mentioned below, is doing very well! The last word is that Lilla is getting better everyday and returning to her old self.

Please write, comment, send in photos and essays...join us on Paws!

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