Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting up close....

Franklin, also known as "The Outdoor King," let me get pretty close to him today.  He was snoozing in a part of our yard that is covered with underbrush and trees.  When I realized he was letting me get close, I returned to the house to retrieve my camera.  I've been wanting to get a good picture of Franklin for a while, because I've been worried about the discharge from his eyes.  With feral cats, of course, you can't pick them up and give them medication.   It's also traumatic for them to be trapped and taken to a veterinarian.  Unless they very obviously need medical care, you generally are forced to let them heal on their own from whatever injuries or problems they might have.  Thankfully, they are often more resilient than household cats.

With the help of these pictures, I can find out from The Cat Connection whether or not Franklin's eye discharge is a sign of infection.  If it is, we need to do something.  Debbie, who helped me capture and vaccinate/neuter Franklin about a year ago, said we might be able to slip some antibiotics into his food.

Wish us luck!  Here are the pics I finally was able to get of our boy.

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