Friday, May 21, 2010

"Grief is the price we pay for love"

For months now, a little white female cat has been a member of the small feral colony that we care for in our neighborhood. She took up residence in the insulated house we left outside in the winter, and soon called our backyard home. We have gotten used to seeing her every day, showing up in the morning for breakfast without fail, playing with leaves and bees in the yard, and waiting for her favorite companion, Franklin, the gray and white "Outdoor King." Although Franklin was quite a bruiser when we first met him, he mellowed a lot after he was neutered, and soon she followed him everywhere and gave him playful swats with her paw while he was eating.

We felt like she was our own, and were frustrated that we could never get too close to her. Lately, though, she had gotten to the point where she would relax on the roof of her little backyard house even if we were sitting out on the back deck. We watched her play with the catnip toys we left outside for her.

For two days now, we haven't seen her at all. This is extremely unusual. Franklin has been by for his daily meals, but his little friend has not been by his side. We haven't seen her in the house, and she hasn't shown up for her food. It's only been two days, but we're very worried.

I hope the explanation is a good one; maybe she has just found food somewhere else, or maybe someone even managed to bring her inside. I just hope she's alright. I walked all around the neighborhood looking for her today, but found nothing. Of course I can't just walk into other people's yards, so I couldn't cover every inch of the area.

It's hard when one of them disappears without notice. You often never find out what happened to them. What you do know is that you've lost a little piece of your heart.

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