Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hamilton jumps!

We had quite an event in our kitchen this morning. Hamilton, who is still on schedule for his radioactive iodine shot on September 10, surprised us with an unprecedented event.

Hamilton, you see, is not much of a jumper. He never has been, and he's 12 years old. We started feeding him on top of the refrigerator about a year ago to keep his food away from Tribbs, one of our other cats. The problem was we had to pick Hamilton up and put him up there every time he wanted to nibble at his food. He was able to jump down, but not up.

It has become a household routine to have him get up onto the kitchen counter by a small jump first onto the garbage bin, and then sit there and RREEEOOOWWWW! loudly until we pick him up and put him on the refrigerator.

Recently, one of the small Scottish Folds we've been taking care of managed to jump all the way on to the top of the refrigerator from a small shelf nearby in order to raid Hamilton's food. I guess Hamilton saw her do it, because this morning he did it himself! I never thought Hamilton could jump so high!

What a cat will do to protect his food!

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