Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More on Hamilton

Well, we're in the last stretches of preparing for Hamilton's radio iodine treatment for hyperthyroid. We have some choices to make. One company will administer the shot and keep Hamilton for three days until their permit allows them to release him back to us (at that point his radiation levels should be acceptable to go home). In that case, however, we have to take very special precautions for two weeks after he's home, such as flushing all litter down the toilet and handling it with plastic gloves, and limiting our "face time" with the cat. We'd also have to keep litter boxes out of various rooms and keep Hamilton out of the kitchen (where he currently spends much of his time).

Angell Memorial in Boston does a more full-service program, which includes keeping Hamilton for up to 10 days and doing more extensive testing at the beginning to determine how much medication he should be given. Although it's more expensive, we're leaning toward the Angell Memorial program. We'd hate for Hamilton to have to be boarded for 10 days to two weeks, but it seems like the safest situation for everyone, especially since we have four other cats currently in the house!

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