Friday, August 3, 2007

Our new issue is out!

We've sent our our August issue and updated all new monthly articles on the Web site. If you'd like to see who won the August reader photo spotlight contest, or read the feature story, Daisy's new column or our first "Cats vs. Dogs" essay, visit

In the meantime, we've had some good news about Cali, one of the cats we've been discussing here on the blog. You might recall that about six months ago an x-ray revealed something on one of her lungs that the vets couldn't identify. Only a very invasive procedure would determine if it was cancer or benign. After getting three opinions, we chose to do regular follow-up x-rays to determine whether the spot would change over time.

Yesterday Cali had her fourth follow-up, and there's been virtually no change. We're feeling more and more confident that this isn't cancer and she'll be just fine. Yay!

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