Friday, June 22, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe...

Just when we were feeling pleased that Cali doesn't need surgery (at least not now), we were brought back to reality with Hamilton, the 12-year-old cat who is dealing with hyperthyroid condition.

Hamilton had, until this morning, been doing extremely well on his medicine. He's been taking it like a champ twice a day, and we could tell he was gaining back some weight and his coat was looking a lot shinier. Yay! We figured his vet appointment tomorrow would be a cheerful update, with more information about whether or not he's a candidate for the radioactive iodine procedure that could cure him completely.

Well, this morning Hamilton...there's no pretty way to say it...threw up all over the house. Not once, but many times. I've been walking around cleaning up little piles for much of the morning (I know many of you pet lovers out there know what that's like). We don't know if he's reacting to the k/d diet they have been trying to put him on (he had only that food today) or if the new medicine is starting to have some of the side effects they predicted could happen.

Again, if anyone out there has experience with this condition and its treatments in cats, we'd be happy if you posted some comments on this blog.

The appointment is tomorrow...we'll see what happens!

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