Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We're currently waiting for news on Hamilton's latest round of thyroid test results, and hoping we'll be told he can have the iodine shot. For now, it's been nice having a few days, at least, without any veterinary bills!

In the meantime, we're still caring for Fiona and Duncan, my mother-in-law's two Scottish Folds. Here's a picture of Fiona enjoying some fresh air in the kitchen window.

It's amazing how this little cat, the youngest and smallest of the five currently in this house, is determined to claim the entire place as her territory. She has been systematically jumping into the favorite spots of the other cats and trying to claim them as her own. I think our cats are mystified. She's completely unintimidated, even by 17-pound Tribbs!

I realize that I have only been posting cat photos here, but the fact is Our Place to Paws should be about all kinds of animals! The problem is, we currently only have cats in this house (I so want a dog!). If anyone would like to send in their dog photos, we need them both for this blog, and for the Our Place to Paws Web site.

We are also looking for stories/essays for our Cats vs. Dogs contest on the site, which so far no one is taking part in! Folks, there's a gift certificate waiting just for you if you'll send in your stories and get the contests going! Our email is faye@ourplacetopaws.com.


Anonymous said...

i did a little research. This article


also mentions the vomiting side effects of the medication. It also compares the 3 treatments of the disease. sounds like a high probability for a cure, even if your wallet will be empty...

FLR said...

Thanks for the research and the link! And yes, we're already expecting the empty wallet!