Monday, June 11, 2007

Our cat has hyperthyroid condition

Hello, Our Place to Paws is back...we hope you're enjoying the new Web site.

Just before our vacation, we learned that one of our cats, Hamilton, has hyperthyroid condition. He'd gone down from his normal nine pounds (he's the skinny one in the family) to only seven pounds and I've been really worried about him. He's at the vet now with J., who is finding out our next steps.

Has anyone out there dealt with this condition in a cat? Any ideas or thoughts?


Karin said...

Poor Hamilton. That is so sad. I hope you got good news and helpful information from the vet.

A co-worker of mine had a cat with the same condition, and after treatment he did very well.

Best wishes to all of you!


FLR said...

Hi Karin! Thank you for commenting on Our Place to Paws! Do you know what kind of treatment your friend's cat had? We seem to have several options, but they all depend on whether or not he has any other health problems (like a kidney condition). Poor guy! He's so thin now...but he seems to already be doing a bit better on the medication!

I'd love to post one of your cat photos on Paws if you'd like to send one!


Karin said...

Hi Faye,

Unfortunately, I can't recall what kind of treatment that cat received. I'm thinking he actually had an operation. This was several years ago, so treatment options have probably changed.

I'm glad to hear Hamilton's doing better with the medicine!