Thursday, June 28, 2007

A reader in the comment section in one of the recent posts below included a link to some good information about hyperthyroid condition in cats, and yes, it does mention the vomiting that can be a side effect of the medication.

I spoke to the vet yesterday, and she said Hamilton's thyroid tests had come back in the high normal range this time, showing that the medication was likely working. Now the trick is to be able to keep him on it without him throwing up. He has been keeping his food in fine for the past few days, so we've started him back on half doses of meds twice a day, and we'll see what happens.

The vet said that if we can keep him on the meds for three to four weeks, they can then do some tests to determine if his kidneys will be strong enough to handle the iodine irradiation treatment. Our ultimate goal is to get him that treatment if it won't endanger him. Poor guy! He's snoozing on the floor right now. His coat and weight do seem improved, though, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone out there figure out why, after taking my dog Versaci out for an extensive walk, does he decide to pee on my bed???? He doesn't pee in his own bed, so why does he pee in mine, especially sine he just went outside???? My dry cleaner is very happy about this but I, however, am not. Please help!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Versace might do well to consult his vet or an animal behavioral specialist. It might be his way of "thanking you" for taking him out on a delightful walk as he has "marked" you this way, or it might be something more biological such as a urinary tract infection. With an infection he may be relieving himself where he feels safe. Please talk to your vet about the behavior to eliminate any biological causes. After that there are several over the counter treatments for the bed and linens to fully decontaminate the smell of his which might be bringing him back to the same area each time. In addition there are treatments for environments specific to "stink" to a dog and will discourage him from finding the smell of the bed so "compelling". Even the best dry cleaner is unlikely to be able to break down the chemical component residues of the urine completely. To us they smell fresh, to him they smell like a fire hydrant. Both fields of treatment chemicals are often used as house breaking aids and are harmless to the animal as well as most fabrics. Good luck!