Monday, July 2, 2007

Day six on half-doses

Hamilton continues to do fairly well on his half-doses of hyperthyroid medication. He runs away from me now when he sees the dropper in my hand, but once I catch him, he takes his meds like a champ. Then he usually seems a tired or a little out of sorts for a short while. But within an hour, he's up and running around and acting like his old self. This morning he's back to one of his favorite activities: wrestling with Tribbs over the sun patch in the kitchen.

The trick will be to see if he can go back to the full doses starting on Wednesday, as we've been directed by the vet.

We're still hoping that ultimately he can have the iodine irradiation procedure and be fully cured. Right, Hamilton?


Karin said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better!


Anonymous said...

i usually hide the dropper behind my back, come up and "scruff" her. The vet said the best place to put the dropper in is the side of their mouth where there're no teeth to get in the way.


FLR said...

Thanks, K., he really is looking better! And A., that's a great suggestion. This morning I held Hamilton and J. put the dropper in the side of his mouth, and it seemed to work.