Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hamilton's been doing really well lately, and our fingers are crossed for his next veterinary appiontment, set for July 21. Almost a week back into full doses of his hyperthyroid meds, he hasn't gotten sick again. His coat is looking thick again and he seems to have put on weight.

At the next appointment he'll be getting blood tests to determine if his kidneys are handling the hyperthyroid meds well. If they are, he'll be a candidate for the radioactive iodine shot. We hate putting the little guy through a two-week treatment like that, but if it will cure him for good, it will be worth it. We'd rather he not be on meds for the rest of his life! We'll see, though. Whatever is best for him!

In the meantime, tonight we have an overnight guest arriving who is allergic to cats. We currently have five of them in the house. Should be interesting! Any suggestions?

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