Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for your comments, readers! Hamilton is indeed doing better. This is a picture of him snoozing this morning on the shelf on the den window. Today was the first time he was back on the full dose of the medications, and it seems to make him tired for an hour or so. But we're keeping our fingers crossed that he can keep the medicine in. A., below, sent in a good comment about a technique for giving him the dropper, and that helped.

I'm glad we're starting to get some comments on the blog, and some more visitors to our site. We're still figuring out ways to begin to bring in some income, in the hopes that we can donate a portion to animal rescue organizations. You'll see some Google Adsense ads on the side of this blog and on the site, If you're interested in any of the advertised sites or products, please click on them from our brings in a little income.

I want to mention again our featured organization this month, the
Eleanor Sonsini Shelter in Pittsfield. They are an "underdog" shelter in the Berkshires with a lot of wonderful animals waiting to be adopted. I hope to post pictures of some of the animals on the blog. If you live in the Pittsfield, Massachusetts area, please check them out.

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