Friday, January 8, 2010

It's official

This morning I went out before the sun had fully risen to put fresh, slightly warm water in the outdoor cats' bowl. I also wanted to make sure there was enough food in the silo. Sure enough, when I approached the little "shanty town," as we call the area we have set up for the feral cats, I saw the little white one with the gray markings between her ears sitting just inside the insulated cat house. Her head was poking out just a little. What a great feeling to know that she has a warm place at night!

It was snowing lightly and she ran away when I got too close, so I put out the water and checked the food, and came back inside. Just after I closed the door she came back. She headed straight for that warm water.

I hope to get a picture of her at some point, but she's so shy I can't get too close.

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