Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One feral cat in the shelter!

This morning I interrupted The Outdoor King's breakfast so that I could replace the frozen water with fresh water (we call the gray and white cat who has been around the longest "The Outdoor King"). I knew he would come back quickly; he always does. He even sometimes appears when he hears me put the food and water out and call his name. It seems as if the cats need water just as badly as they need food during the winter.

While I was waiting for our gray and white friend to return, I noticed that the small white cat who also comes around emerged from the little house that was provided to us by the Cat Connection. They carefully insulated the house and built it with a very small entrance so the outdoor cats will feel both secure and warm if they use it. For so long I have wished that at least one of them would take advantage of the little house in these frigid temperatures. I was thrilled to realize the little white one seems to be doing just that!

She stretched, headed straight for the water, and while she was drinking, The Outdoor King returned.

It was incredibly satisfying to see them side by side, eating and drinking in the middle of winter.

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