Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's been snowing like crazy in the Boston area, and this makes it challenging to be sure the three feral cats who regularly visit the feeding station in our yard have access to both food and water. Early in the morning I've been outside with a shovel making sure a path is cleared not only from our back door to the little feeding station and the shed where we keep the food, but also all the way to the space in the fence where the cats first enter the yard. We've been leaving the food out overnight, since there's less chance other animals will get to it when it's snowy like this.

The real problem is the water -- it freezes pretty quickly. So we make sure it's a little warm when we put it out, and sometimes I add a spoonful of sugar (a tip from Alley Cat Allies). I try to replace the water a couple of times a day at least in case it's frozen over.

I feel so badly for the cats who have to survive outside in this weather (they won't let us get near them)...but so far, they're doing it. All three have been seen regularly at the feeder, and I think they're burrowing underneath a porch to keep warm, because the white ones look a little dusty. I'm hoping at least one will take advantage of the little insulated house we put near the feeding station.

Winter is tough on everyone!


Joanne Kramer said...

I am constantly worried about my feral cats. There are eight of them and although they have their winter fur I still think about how spoiled my house cats are with their blankets and the fireplace and these poor guys are outside in 20 degrees with 40 mph winds. They don't sleep in the shelter I have out there--they must know of a better place. I just keep looking forward to spring.

Faye said...

We finally have one cat sleeping in the insulated cat house that the Cat Connection brought over for us. I am so glad that at least one of them is taking advantage of a warm place. You're right; it's so hard to see them out there in the cold, and then to look at our indoor cats lounging on the radiator. I wish I could do more for them!