Friday, January 22, 2010

Paco Needs A Home! Travel Can Be Arranged

We received the following email about Paco, above, who is seeking a home:

"Hey all, but my adorable cat, Paco, needs a home and I'm wondering if any of you are in the market for an awesome, adorable, lovable cat, or maybe know someone who is. We moved him out to PA with us with some half-baked plans to get him settled, but they've all fallen through. We'd love to keep him, but Deb's dad is VERY allergic to him and with the baby and all (15 months old now!), we can't justify keeping Paco here since it means her Dad basically
can't ever visit. SO, please let me know if any of you want him or have any leads. We'll transport him wherever he needs to go.

Attached is a recent photo. He's 18 lbs., but as you see from the photo, not necessarily fat at all...just a big boned boy. But he's gentle, very social (but not so much a "lap cat"), friendly,
and super, super cute. He's healthy, has all his shots, etc. He's "fixed," so no spraying or anything. He's really awesome. To be honest, we're really sad to not be able to keep him here, but you know...grandpa comes first.

OK, thanks... My phone number is still 310.927.3505 if you want to
talk in person about him.

Help Paco find a home! He'll be your best friend for life!"

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