Monday, October 29, 2007

Animal/Pet info from

San Diego County Department of Animal Services; Central Shelter in Mission Valley: (619) 236-4250; North Shelter in Carlsbad: (760) 438-2312; South Shelter in Bonita: (619) 263-7741
San Diego Humane Society & SPCA, (619) 299-7012
North County Humane Society & SPCA, (760) 757-4357
El Cajon Animal Shelter, (619) 441-1580
Chula Vista Animal Shelter, (619) 691-5123
Escondido Humane Society, (760) 888-2275
Helen Woodward Animal Center, (858) 756-4117
Wildlife can be taken to the Project Wildlife Care Center at 8871/2 Sherman St., San Diego. For more information, call (619) 225-9202.

Keep pets indoors and avoid unnecessary outdoor exertion.
See a veterinarian if your pets have a difficult time breathing or are experiencing any illness.
Wash ash off your pets and their toys.
Provide clean drinking water. If water is unsafe for people, it is unsafe for pets.


Anonymous said...

i want to help my pet dog because he is getting to heavy. He is about 4 lbs overweight and I do not know what to do about it. Is there a way that I can cook his own food so it will be better for him? Is there diet foods for dogs. He is a shitzu and he weights about 18 lbs. He is in most of the day and does not get much exercise. Is there any suggestions

Anonymous said...

A response from another reader:

Good links found on the net for homemade diets for dogs to reduce weight:

Remember to be sure your dog is not gaining weight due to a thyroid or hormonal imbalance before beginning any calorie reducing or significantly difference diet! - P.D.