Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One of the cats we're currently caring for, Fiona the Scottish Fold, has been blinking her eyes a lot and acting as if they're uncomfortable. She was treated for an eye infection at one point, but this time the vet said that he thinks it's just allergies. He said it wasn't a comment on our home at all, especially since the other four cats currently here don't have any allergies, and he prescribed some eye medication and suggested a .5 ml dose of children's Benadryl twice a day for three days.

Unfortunately, Fiona is not a fan of Benadryl. I bought the children's liquid version and tried to give her a dose, and she, well, freaked out. Maybe the bubble gum flavoring wasn't to her taste. She started running around the house, dripping white, frothy foam from her mouth in every room, stopping only long enough to glare at me accusingly before running off to foam some more.

Needless to say this was rather alarming to watch, but I was assured by a friend, Peggy Dey of Dey by Dey Studio, that this is a pretty normal reaction. One of her cats runs around frothing at the mouth also when dosed with unwanted medicine. Her suggestion was to buy the meds in pill form and try it that way.

I can just imagine what a success that will be!

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