Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This morning I have to take one of the Scottish Folds, Fiona, to the vet. She's had drippy eyes for a while, and two attempts at "gooping" her eyes with medicine haven't fixed the problem. Thankfully, Fiona's vet is just around the corner so it won't be a long ride in the car with a wailing cat.

Usually when I bring a carrier upstairs, the cats scatter and disappear. This time, Tribbs did the opposite: he walked right into the carrier and tried to claim it as his own. I guess he knew it wasn't for him!

By the way, I'm desperate for some dog photos for Our Place to Paws. We have five cats in this house at the moment, and we have a lot of cat-loving readers who send in photos for our Monthly Photo Contest. But we hardly ever get any dogs. Are there any dog lovers out there? If so, we need your contributions to our Monthly Photo Contest and our Cats vs. Dogs essay/photo page! Winners get a $10 gift certificate to PetCo!

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