Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hamilton has been doing great since he got home from the hospital and his experience with the radioactive iodine shot. For the first few days he was a little quiet and shy, but recently he's gone back to being himself. He runs around after the feather toy the way he used to, meows loudly for his food and tries to herd me around the room or bat at my legs when a noise startles him.

It's so great to have our little guy back. While he was on the medication, he never seemed to be quite himself, and he obviously hated having to take it. It was an expensive decision to give him the shot, but we're really glad we did it. Here he is, sitting right next to me as I type, on a folded blue towel that I set out for him. He's really not as mad as he looks!

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Karin said...

Those kinds of decisions can be so hard. I'm so glad to hear he's doing well and having fun again!